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We’re excited to announce that Karl Sterling’s new CD “DREAM” is now available in digital download format. CLICK HERE to download on a platform of your choice.

Physical CD’s will be available by the end of March, 2020. You can pre-order a physical CD (shipping in 48 continental USA states) by CLICKING HERE

90% of proceeds go to The Parkinson’s Global Project ®, a 501c3 nonprofit corporation registered in the state of New York. We are dedicated to funding Parkinson’s awareness, education, research, and to supporting Parkinson’s associations around the world.

Neuro-rehabilitation specialist, Karl Sterling has spent many years traveling, researching with, and educating neurologists, physical therapists, fitness trainers, people with Parkinson’s, and caregivers all over the world.

While a significant amount of research has been conducted studying benefits of exercise and movement in relation to Parkinson’s disease, much more needs to be done.

Informal research shows significant benefits of specific tools, exercises, and cognitive training techniques for people with Parkinson’s disease. Together with several universities in the USA, the Parkinson’s Global Project ® will fund studies on several leading edge products and rehabilitation techniques.

These studies will include:

STUDY #1: Naboso textured insoles – One of the most effective, yet highly under-utilized ways to improve dynamic stability is to focus on optimizing sensory stimulation of the feet. Touch creates an access point between the environment and the brain to better control movement coordination and improve posture. We have seen countless people with Parkinson’s realize immediate improvements in balance, stability, stride length, stride symmetry, velocity, and reduction of falls using Naboso textured insoles.

STUDY #2: RockTape – In Parkinson’s disease, we often see a stooped over posture. Less than optimal posture leads to less than optimal movement and increased risk of falling. Postural taping with RockTape has shown benefits in improving posture, gait, and overall movement.  When we move more efficiently, we reduce the risk of falling.

STUDY #3: Hypersphere Vibrating Ball – There is already research to show that vibration therapy helps to improve movement. Our study will look at benefits of vibration in relation to temporarily reducing tremors, relieving constipation, restlest syndrome, and much more.

STUDY #4: Cognitive Training During Focused Movement – We know that the brain can create new neural firing pathways and we can train the brain to help us develop new skills. In this study, we will look at training techniques we have used for many years involving various forms of simultaneous focused movement along with vestibular system activation, visual system activation, hand-eye coordination, and cognitive exercises.

Together, with appropriate medications and dosages, use of optimal tools and exercise techniques and strategies, the quality of life for the person with Parkinson’s is sure to improve. It is a goal of the Parkinson’s Global Project ® to have insurance companies view the positive results from our research, take a proactive approach, and offer coverage of these tools and exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s.